GBA: The Way Forward – The new opportunites for Hong Kong

The Greater Bay Area Conference: The Way Forward was held on 18 Nov. It attracted more than 400 participants, including government officials, industry leaders and academics online and offline, together to share their views on Hong Kong’s future and development.

“It is time that we prepare the way forward for Hong Kong in this exciting region. I see three parts to this preparation, which are research, messaging and community engagement,” Mr Leung Chun-ying, chairman of the Bay Area Hong Kong Centre, said in his address. He emphasized that the Greater Bay Area has brought HK unprecedented opportunities and HK should be well-prepared for the development of the GBA.

Mr Leung pointed out that HK is the most internationlized city in the GBA, as well as playing the role of super-connector. The city can enhance international collaboration and build itself into a global innovation & technology centre, on the other hand, can direct G2B (government to business) contact, broadening such contacts and intensifying relationship between mainland municipal governments. He added that Hong Kong can facilitate collaboration between mainland scientists and Hong Kong investors to bring new capital to laboratories and startups on the mainland. He believed that the GBA will be a perfect stage for Hong Kong to continue to perform and perform well.

Click here to download the full text of Mr Leung Chun-ying’s keynote speech at GBA conference (English only)


Clip of the GBA Conference