Cooperation between cities in the Greater Bay Area

According to China News Service, China University Scientific and Technological Achievements Fair was held yesterday in Huizhou. Around 350 universities from the Mainland, Hong Kong, and Macau, as well as overseas university representatives attended the fair.

The first high-end forum was a collaboration between the Greater Bay Area and the Education and Technology Bureau (?). The forum attracted 16 top universities in both Hong Kong and Macau such as City University of Hong Kong, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong University, University of Macau, Macau University of Science and Technology etc.

During the forum City University of Hong Kong’s Deputy Headmaster expressed: Today, City University of Hong Kong and Huizhou Municipal Government signed a memorandum of understanding. This project will introduce world-class resources for research, establish a number of science and engineering laboratories such as for electronics, optics, materials and robotics. In addition, the project will have a diagnostic laboratory for veterinary medicine studies, centre for food safety, laboratory for life sciences, on top of organizing numerous activities as a catalyst for technological achievement and scientific transformation.

This report once again emphasized Hong Kong’s collaboration with other cities in the Greater Bay Area not only economically but a partnership in all areas. For Hong Kong, cooperating with Guangdong, Macau and other cities can be mutually beneficial and a win-win situation. For instance, City University of Hong Kong’s veterinary medicine studies does not reach Guangdong, which presents limitations in research and teaching. However, cities in Guangdong province can provide opportunities for development and cooperation.

Hong Kong’s relationship with the cities in the Mainland is based on “One country, two systems”, “Hong Kong people ruling Hong Kong” and high degree of autonomy. These are all addressed in 160 articles of the Basic Law. When policies and measures that do not violate the Basic Law and are beneficial towards cities in the Greater Pearl River Delta, the Mainland and Hong Kong should go forth in an effort to become more prosperous and formidable.